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May 13, 2019 · These funny dog quotes from famous dog owners perfectly capture the unconditionally loving, honest and loyal friendship we can truly only get from our precious pups. Which is your Favorite? “Sometimes I feel like a fire hydrant looking at a pack of dogs.” Various origins are suggested for these funny quotes, most popularly Qantas and the US Air Force, and more specifically Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (thanks J Williams). The earliest reference I have seen for at least some of these quotes is the seemingly now defunct spoof 'Fudpucker World Airlines', dating back to June 1996 (thanks Scott). 16) Friendship is overrated. I just want someone to pay for my food. 17) Good friends will come and go, but best ones end up harassing you for a lifetime. 18) Stupid fights, stupid nights, stupid memories – no wonder I’m best friends with you… ‘coz you’re my kinda stupid. Thanks for being my BFF. May 29, 2018 · However, the funny and entertaining moments you share will make you crave for each other’s presence even more. We want to help put a little color to your relationship by sharing some of the funniest love quotes we could find. We hope these quotes make you laugh and bring you closer to each other now more than ever! Funny Love Quotes. 1.

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Dog Quote - Funny Bonus. When life gets tough, hang out with your dog. Dogs help people live Studies report that it helps to have a dog - and/or spend time petting puppies and dogs of all kinds!Nov 19, 2018 · Courage the Cowardly Dog Courage the Cowardly Dog is an American comedy horror animated television series created by John R. Dilworth for Cartoon Network. Its central plot revolves around a somewhat anthropomorphic pink/purple dog named Courage who lives with his owners, Muriel a A farmer wants to know how many sheep he has in his field, so he asks his border collie to count them. The dog runs into the field, counts them and runs back to the farmer. The farmer says, "How many?" The dog says, "40." The farmer is surprised and says, "How can there be 40 - I only bought 38!" The dog says, "I rounded them up."

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You want a friend in Washington? Get a dog. - Harry S. Truman . Funny Life Quotes and Sayings. Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterwards. - Benjamin Franklin. Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly. - Dalai Lama. Life doesn't imitate art, it imitates bad television. - Woody Allen. Life is like a sewer... A page for describing Funny: T.U.F.F. Puppy. As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned. "look with your eyesExplore Top 41 Funny Dog Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out For Hours. Best funniest collections of dog memes, quotes, jokes, photos, images, pictures with funny faces, puppies & more. You will happy with a big smile in your face after reading all the trending and latest memes based on favorite dogs.

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Find the best puppy quotes, sayings and quotations on Friendship Quotes Love Quotes Life Quotes Funny Quotes Motivational Quotes Inspirational Quotes.